Why exhibit?

In light of the UK Government’s new net-zero commitment and the huge opportunity this has presented across the country, businesses must come together to invest in technology and services which will showcase leadership and satisfy customer expectation.

Implementing a net-zero strategy impacts all business functions and Net-Zero Live is the only place that provides multiple access to the teams that will deliver this in their businesses.

This is your destination to demonstrate how you can help our visitors achieve their net-zero ambition.

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What our visitors want from Net-Zero Live

  1. To understand where there peers are in their net-zero journey
  2. To find solutions to tackle their challenges in delivering net-zero
  3. To seek out ideas, inspiration and new technologies which will enhance their strategies
  4. Evidence that can support business cases to accelerate the implementation of existing strategies
  5. To talk to experts so they can source new products / services /solutions
  6. Meet existing suppliers and network with peers

Who you will meet:

Manufacturing and education

Business services and Construction

Waste and hospitality

Government and retail

Utilities and transport

Facilities and public sector


work in CSR, energy management, environmental/sustainability management, waste management and water management


work in facilities/estate management, fleet/transport management, purchasing/procurement and supply chain/contract management

What to expect at Net-Zero Live

  • Collective purpose - businesses, policymakers, academia, investors, NGOs, media service and solutions providers all coming together to drive tangible change.
  • Immersive and interactive experiences - from live workshops, challenges, speed-networking and special events to facilitate new thinking.
  • Net-Zero hubs - dedicated feature areas to connect sponsors and exhibitors with visitors around key topics.
  • Net-Zero village - where business can showcase their leadership in the steps they’ve taken on their journey or how they can support businesses.
  • Action from business leaders - inspired with new ideas and thinking to support their net-zero strategy or making their first commitments on their journey

How you can help

  • Firmly position yourself as a key partner and stakeholder that can help businesses achieve their goals
  • Showcase or launch products / services that can help achieve net-zero
  • Two days of lively networking and face-to-face marketing that delivers high level sales leads
  • Increase brand awareness as a net-zero enabler
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities your prospective customers are facing so you are clear where you can add value.


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